Friday, October 24, 2008

videos from poland

this city was so nice. we had some chocolate on the tour rider and gave it to the people in the front, who in turn gave us some. you give a little, you get a little especially in poland.

skipping stones.

new song: icicles


Anonymous said...

Saturday morning coffee JOY.
The new cello sings well.


sunnybrook said...


Anonymous said...

He's a rental cello.. i kinda don't like him...

he's too fancy, and stained a weird color..

but he plays.. and sings.. and we get along.

- joel

Anonymous said...

good enough then.
but, he can't help that he's fancy and ugly.
glad you get along though.
take pics and pick me up a little rock.
looking forward to 100 stories when you come home.


Romie said...

Dear Mom,

I am a grad student at the London Film School, and am in Dallas working on a thesis film. (It's a short. And I'm originally from Dallas - graduated from Arts Magnet and UNT.) My friend Andrea Rae recommended your music to me, and I love it, especially "Skipping Stones." I'd like to use it in the soundtrack of the film. It's a student thing, but it will go out to festivals in the US and Europe.

If you're interested, or just want more information, you can e-mail me at usminus [at] gmail [dot] com. I'd really appreciate hearing from you, and if I don't, well, you've still got a new fan and I'll start showing up to your gigs once you get back stateside.


Anonymous said...

already picked you up the most beautiful "CJ" rock i could find... next to a Mnt. in Switzerland!

101 stories we will share-