Sunday, October 19, 2008

All over and back to Germany

Moving all over the place these days. We've had a few rough drives that are now under our belts, and have a few more on the way, then it's home free in Germany! We've been treated really well all over Europe. The crowds have been packed tight, and extremely generous. In Scotland we hung out with some really cool kids after our show. We've had a couple of really awesome fairy rides here and there. Another memorable evening was last night in Tczew, where after our show we danced the night away until 3 a.m.! Joel even drank a shot of vodka. Thank you's go out to the pack of really nice polish girls who danced it up with us. Tonight's show in Dresden was a fun one. The sound had a lot of potential, but things always change when a room fills with 200 people. We enjoyed every bit of it though. Beautiful space-

Thank you for all the generosity that those have shown us along the way. We're having the time of our lives!

Huge megaphone in Brussels

Scotland's Countryside

More fairy rides...

And my how we love the light houses!

Awesome Coffee!

The Polish Dance Party!


Sunnybrook said...



balmorhea said...

you Fairies.
miss and love you.

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to get joel to even have a sip of a beer for 3 years now.

i now know that i simply needed a vagina.