Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Ft. Worth Modern

The Ft. Worth Modern put this little time lapse thing together, and we provided the jams. I think it fits pretty well. Thanks to Dustin.

From their blog:
"The permanent collection has been up in first-floor galleries for a month now. Everything always looks so clean and crisp when the installation is complete, but the process of getting everything to that stage is a lot of work. We took some time lapse video of the crew installing four of the works on view right now and you can see some of the work that goes into installing a show. A special thank you to Mom who provided the music."

Installation of Permanent Collection and Then Some from Modern Art Museum of FW on Vimeo.


Noah Klein said...
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Noah Klein said...

Mom! Who can I contact regarding a SXSW performance? That is, if you're up for it.

You can email me at